4 Main Advantages of Eating More Vegetables

Eat vegetables

Eating more vegetables and fruit can be very beneficial for you. There is no problem in eating meat. In fact, it is part of what we call “balanced diet”. But eating more meat than recommended can cause some serious health problems. Advantages of Eating Vegetables

Risk for Heart Disease. Will be Lessened. Since vegetables have less cholesterol or none at all, vegetables are a much better choice to eat than meat which has saturated fats and cholesterol. Eating more vegetables can give you a good amount of healthy nutrients that your body actually needs. Vegetables are more fibrous and have more healthy nutrients; there are none of the harmful elements that are found in meat. There are lot of fats and cholesterol in meat especially in chicken, beef, and pork which are the most common meats we eat.

Vegetables and fruits can give you more phytochemicals that can fight against aging and cancer. Anti-bodies and the immune system can also be enhanced if you eat more vegetables.

More Savings. Meat is more expensive than vegetables. Though meat is also a good source of other nutrients such as protein and iron, if it is partnered with vegetables – many of which are also a good source of protien, your meal will not only be cheaper but also healthier.

The best thing with vegetables is that you can grow them in your own backyard. You can plant them in pots if you have onlya small amount of space. Though it may take time to grow them, there is little to no hassle at all in growing them.

Vegetables Can Give You More Fiber. Food fiber is good for digestion. The better digestion you have the more nutrients you get. Fiber can also help in your defecation and toxin removal. They have properties that attract toxins like a magnet and remove them along with other waste products of your body.

Vegetables Can Give You Anti-Oxidants. Vegetables have more anti-oxidants than meat. If you want to detoxify yourself from harmful elements in your body, it is always advised that you eat more vegetables. Some health professionals even recommend that when that you want to detoxify your body, you should abstain from meat and only eat fruits and vegetables.

These anti-oxidants will remove toxic within your blood stream, nerves, and even from your skin. This is why most people who eat lots of vegetables have healthier skin than those who don’t.


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    I want to start eating vegetables how to I cook them?

  2. I am 58 years old and a professional who work full time. For the past couple of years I was eating less vegetables as my kids grown up working outstation and I seldom cook. I developed unsteadiness off-balance while walking. Last 2 weeks I am consuming more vegetables. Now when I walk am very steady and strong. I think its the minerals in vegetables that has brought the change.

  3. What are the best vegetables for a hypertension patients,

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