Cooked Vegan Diet Plan

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What is the value of cooked vegetables? First, there may be a great joy to sit in a bowl of hot soup or a bowl full of hot steam carrots, potatoes and corn. Second, cooked vegetables are an excellent source of flexible bulk. However, enzymes are dead, minerals and vitamins have been compromised by cooking.

Eating cooked vegetables is essential to ensure the cleanliness of the colon. The challenge of cooking vegetables is not to baptize toxic fat but to chew the vegetables well, because 50% of the starch digestion occurs in the mouth. On the other hand, a steamer with a built-in timer might be an option  to cook vegetables. Most people when cooking vegetables, throw the best part of the cooking water. Steaming vegetables preserves the maximum amount of nutrients, by subjecting it to the smaller amount of heat. You may cut vegetables into small pieces to speed up the cooking process.

Moreover, vegetable soups are extremely low in calories and making it a complete meal. They are inexpensive and easy to make. In fact, some of the most popular soups were just around the corner and you can see ingredients  in your refrigerator.

A daily habit for cooked vegetable diet needs a diet plan. Design your plan meals around the foods you like, but keep the total number of calories to a minimum The best diet meals should include a good range of nutritious and low in fat. Studies have shown that the best way to lose weight is not to avoid starving. You may eat 25% less calories than normal, and lose weight. After several months of weight loss it  may plateau and you may need to reduce calories again in your diet meal plan by approximately  2% to maintain weight loss.

You’re in the right time to start taking care of yourself, your health and the wellbeing of the people and planet you care about. Take the journey one step at a time,  from eating good food to cooked vegetables.  Commence by making   a healthy eating guide and have a  positive changes in your lifestyle.


One of the biggest advantages of a cooked vegetarian diet plan is that it reduces the demand for the meat industry and make a substitute for a cooked meat food. Some methods for producing cooked meat cause serious damage to the environment and involve unsustainable use of water and fossil fuels. If you can not resist eating meat , a similar cooked veggies may be substituted at least to reduce your consumption of meat and eat only vegetable that will make your life easier to handle.

Some studies suggests that a steamer with a built-in timer is the best way to cook vegetables. Most people when boiling their vegetables, throw away the best part—the cooking water. Steaming vegetables conserves the maximum amount of nutrients by subjecting the vegetables to the least amount of heat. Consider the following data: 45 MINUTES Beets, carrots turnips, squash and artichokes; 25 MINUTES Sweet potatoes, broccoli stalks, green beans, peas, parsnips, celery; 15 MINUTES Garlic and cabbage, sweet peppers, cauliflower, onions, asparagus; 7 MINUTES Mushrooms, broccoli tips, asparagus tips, zucchini. These are all conservative cooking and very objective in helping you achieve balance diet.

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