Vegan Eatin’ on a Budget

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Whether you’re a student, raising a family on a low-income budget, or just trying to make ends meet, choosing to buy vegan foods doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Sure, you can splurge on savory mock meats and non-dairy cheeses that are readily available in grocery stores everywhere, but there are plenty of delicious and nutritious vegan options that don’t require spending a lot of money.

Vegan Eatin’ on a Budget was created to help you discover how easy—and affordable—it is to transition to a more compassionate diet!


  • Plan your meals in advance: It might sound time consuming, but it can be as simple as jotting down dinner ideas a few days ahead. Make lists of things to buy for the week (or month!).  This can save you time and money!savings store
  • Pack a lunch: Don’t be tempted to eat out everyday.
  • Buy in the bulk sections of grocery stores: You can often buy bulk pasta, rice, dehydrated meals, spices and beans.  These items are usually cheaper than buying them pre-packaged, and you can get as little or as much as you need.
  • Use a crock-pot: Soak dry beans overnight; cook them in the crock-pot while out for the day.


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