About Me

Hello friend!

I’m Jamie Anne Householder a computer enthusiast and a happy healthy Mother & Grandmother (1 beautiful granddaughter and another on the way). I love to eat and I love to cook beautiful food. But what I do is more than just cook; I cook healthy food and love encouraging others to eat less meat.

I love the idea of making healthy meals that are acceptable for both yourself and your family. Eating a delicious meal is not only for our own benefit & enjoyment, but also for our families. We want to have food that our family will love as much as we do, food that doesn’t sacrifice taste, but has them wanting more – and keeping them healthy and energetic . This is achievable if we maintain a balanced diet which involves eating more fruits & vegetables and less meat.

There’s a huge difference between a vegetarian and someone who eats less meat. I am definitely not a vegetarian, but I eat more vegetables than I eat meat. I still believe that eating meat has some advantages, like taste and variety. So I am not promoting totally abstaining from meat, unless of course you want to.

With passion for healthy food and my knowledge of the Internet, I decided to make this website to share to others what I know. In this site, you will learn about the advantages of eating less meat, having a healthy diet, and making better food choices. My goal is to teach you how to better manage your daily meal plan for a better and healthy lifestyle.

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