The Vegan Diet for Kids

Make your kids embrace vegan diet is often a struggle, but they will eat vegetables in no time. Many views pertaining to children in eating vegetables are the result of the approach of their parents.  One trick that often works for vegans is to find foods that kids already eat and find recipes that allow you to add vegetables in them. This is a way of hiding vegetables to other foods your kid’s like. For instance, the chicken, and pasta, add lots of spices to taste, makes a great fuss about how much you love broccoli to deceive them into believing it is delicious,etc.

Creative ways to get your kids eat more vegetables can include camouflaging them  with other foods, like chopping up and mixing vegetables in pasta sauces, lasagna, casseroles, soup, chili, omelets, etc. or adding veggie toppings to pizza. You can even find recipes for things like banana raisin pancakes, carrot beef meatballs or zucchini cookies that your kids might enjoy.

Put some thought into your presentation in preparing a vegan diet. Most children are more likely to eat vegetables if they are served with catching presentation. Cutting a variety of colourful vegetables and place on a plate can also make your child interested to eat. You may serve with vegetable sauce, like ketchup, onion, sour cream or yogurt. This will allow your children to be attracted and have a choice. At the background, include vegetables cooked in sauces and soups that cannot be easily detected. Like many desperate parents, some of them decided to resort to rewards system.

Psychologists including myself often warn against the use of rewards to encourage our kids, since the external rewards trafficking, money or even praise can harm the internal motivation of the children to do something they already have. When a child is rewarded for eating certain food, they force themselves to eat. However, they are less likely to consume foods easily, especially when rewards are removed.

According to a study, “children’s food preferences and patterns of food intake can be formulated for the parents to choose the foods available to children and not persistent to find the correct diet for the kid.

Sometimes, your children are very concerned about the ridiculous names. Try to give silly names of plants or other analogy for the vegan food you prepare. A child may be interested in trying green trees dinosaurs over broccoli. Look for something that your kid is very much familiar.

You may plan to seek how to prepare the vegetables in many different ways. Raw, steamed mashed potatoes and grilled are just some ways you can prepare the vegetables. If your child has problems with the texture of different vegan recipe, introduce new things to them. This will make a big difference.

Another  study  has shown that the ‘number of foods kids like does not change much from the age of two or three to age eight’ and that ‘new foods are often more likely accepted at age two to four than at four to eight. This doesn’t mean that it is too late to make your kids vegan, but rather   they won’t do it on their own and that you have to help them appreciate it. Take note that the way to make your kids eat vegetables should start from home and it should not be limited to school or other people. Your kids are vulnerable to change but the parents have the sole responsibility for these things to happen.



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